Taking a Closer Look at What Bike Commutes Have to Offer

August 21, 2017

Bikes are becoming a far more common sight these days. Quite a few towns even have reasonably priced bike rentals for people who’d like to give it a try. People who haven’t climbed onto a bike in a while might wonder just what the sudden interest is all about. The real answer is that there’s so many benefits that almost everyone will find something to like. In fact, there’s so much to like about biking that many people are using it for their daily commute.

Of course the most readily apparent benefit to cycling is the exercise. When examined as a single time event biking might not seem like a life changing hobby. The average calories burned on a road bike will come out to around 50 per mile. Assuming a three mile ride to and from a destination that would be 300 calories total per day. As a one time event it’s a nice amount of calories. But the real benefit comes from making it a regular part of one’s lifestyle. That fairly short commute on a bike will turn into a major amount of exercise when viewed long term. In general when going by those averages, and when the commute happens five times per week, most people will be able to lose around thirty pounds of fat in the course of a year. Or if they’re not trying to lose weight than those burned calories mean an allowance for extra treats or larger serving sizes.

It’s important to remember that exercise isn’t just about calories. It’s also serving to build a considerable amount of muscle over an extended period of time. This, in turn, will help people feel happier and healthier. Along with that there’s also the advantages gained from a faster metabolism thanks to the fact that muscle puts the body into a more performance oriented state. This relaxed alertness is only the beginning of the mental advantages though.

Biking will usually allow someone to use the same routes which they’d use when driving. It also opens up a wide variety of new areas to explore. Many people are thrilled to discover that local parks have bike paths that can take them part of the way to their destination. There’s few better ways to start the day than to get some exercise on a bike while also enjoying the relaxing scenery of a nice park. Additionally, these new areas give people a chance to get away from the noise of the average road. Instead of loud engines and beeping horns one can enjoy the sound of nature.

And, in turn, bikers get to know that they’re taking part in protecting those natural environments. Much like burning calories, a single bike ride won’t have a huge impact on the environment. But over weeks and months, biking instead of driving will save an enormous amount of fuel. It will also decrease the pollution caused by driving. Some bikers even set up small solar panels on the back of their bikes or on backpacks which can recharge portable USB batteries. This too will build up into a pretty significant amount of power over the course of months and years. It’s a hobby that continues to give more and more benefits the longer one takes part in it.

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The Numerous Health Benefits Of Eating Spinach Regularly

October 11, 2015

It has long been said that eating spinach is healthy for you, but what exactly does it do for your body? For starters, it is very helpful for diabetics who are looking for a good side dish to assist them with keeping blood sugar levels where they should be. Additionally, it can also help people with blood pressure issues as well.

How do you like to eat your spinach? Stick a pile of that stuff on a plate in front of most people, and they are going to peck at it, leaving plenty of waste when they are done eating. Fortunately, no one said that you have to sit there and eat a heaping pile of cooked and slimy spinach. There are many ways to incorporate spinach into your meals without having to disgust yourself.

In fact, spinach can taste quite great in certain dips, like the spinach and artichoke dip. And, you can use spinach as a topping on homemade pizzas, as a substitute for lettuce in salads and so much more. Crisp spinach tastes much better on a salad than the lettuce you’re used to using! Or, you can add it to the smoothie maker for a healthy green smoothie!

So what are some more health benefits to help motivate you to eat more spinach? It is said you can lower your risk of cancer by eating more spinach, and you can lower your risk of developing many other types of diseases as well, such as asthma.

Spinach is also very well known for having a high fiber content, which of course makes for better digestion, promoting regularity and helping you keep constipation out of your life. Spinach is also very good for your hair and skin, as well as helping bone structure thanks to its vitamin K content.

Many people have iron deficiencies, and this can mess with your body when it comes to energy production and use. Therefore, spinach can play a huge role when it comes to energy levels in your body, which is something everyone could benefit from.

Spinach provides your body with magnesium and all other kinds of important nutrients to help bring about these health benefits. While there are many vegetables and leafy greens that have many health benefits, spinach is one of the best ones. Making sure you get enough spinach in your diet each week is something that shouldn’t be passed over, now that you know what spinach has to offer.

Can Home Workouts Be Just As Good As Gym Workouts?

October 1, 2015

Gym workouts require a membership, travel time and much more, and many people are wondering if they can instead opt for home workouts and still get everything they need. The answer is yes. You don’t need all those machines, which means you don’t have to buy them for your home either in order to have a good workout.

Naturally, this also means that you can save money by not having to worry about a gym membership as well. When approaching your home workouts, however, how do you keep things engaging without getting bored? No one wants to get down on the floor and do the same old boring setups, push ups and more each and every day.

The answer is available to you via the Internet. If you begin to explore that different types of home workouts available, you’re going to find all kinds of different exercises that you can learn and employ. Perhaps you’re wanting to focus on exercises that promote balance. You can develop an exercise regimen directed towards increasing balance quite easily.

As you look up exercises, there will be videos and tutorials that show you how to do those exercises. The truth is you’re never going to get bored because you have all these different suggestions right at your fingertips. At the most, you might want to get a few dumbbells, some resistance bands and a medicine ball over time to help you get to more exercises you can try out.

There are going to be many more different exercise choices for you doing things this way, without venturing to a gym, paying a personal trainer, buying exercise DVDs and joining exercise classes. Even if you did choose to work out elsewhere besides at home, you would always have a workout regimen to fall back on whenever it was needed.

Think about how this can keep you motivated. People always fall off the wagon when it comes to exercise; however, you have the tools necessary to keep yourself going, finding the time whenever you can grab it to get your exercise routine in for the day, all while in the comfort of your own home.

Many of the exercises you can do at home require just a few simple steps, and you can even look up ones that you can do while you’re watching television. How cool is that?

Muscle Building Tips I’ve Learned

September 14, 2015

The best way of bulking up muscles is to stick to and religiously follow a proven muscle building training program. Doing this will significantly increase the speed of gain your overall muscle size and density but still ensure you are doing things the right and healthy way.

Some people thing that muscle building is an easy thing if you have the proper weights, but that is not true. You cannot bulk up by simply showing up and lifting weights. In as much as working with a proven training program is important, you need to understand that every program has different methods to ensure that maximize on the time spend in the gym.

First off, you need to figure out which is the right muscle building program. Understand that different programs are designed to different body type with different objects in regards to building muscles. Nevertheless, you need to get a program that focus on building muscles in every part of the body once per week. An ideal program will use the push and pull method, with one pull exercise for every push routine.

In as much as you need to follow the program religiously, you still need to be ready and willing to tweak the program to suit your individual goals. Not every routine in the program will be perfect for your body or to your liking. However, you must ensure that you stick to major compound movements as illustrated in the muscle training principles. Here are some exercises that you can do in your home gym that will help you to bulk up.


Dead-lifts routines focus on developing your core back muscles that you need to stabilize your body for exercise. You can do arm dead-lifts and stiff leg dead-lifts. If done correctly, the results and benefits will be fast and outstanding.

Bench presses

Bench presses are a high-impact exercise that build serious density and size of your pectoral muscles. Bench presses also help to add strength. Make sure that you do the bench presses as compounded exercises. You can do flat and inclined bench presses to increase diversity and address different muscles.


Many people do not see squats and leg press as high-impact muscle building routines. In fact, most people with focus on the arms, back, and shoulders and forget to exercise the legs. What they fail to understand is that exercising the leg muscles and legs, in general, helps to activate certain compounds within the body that triggers the growth of new muscles.


Push-ups and preacher curls are a good routine to building arm muscles. While they many alter minor muscle groups, they will help to add power to your push and pull movements.

Weight Loss Tips To Help On Your Journey

September 8, 2015

Losing weight is a goal that many people have and an admirable one at that. No matter what the reason for starting on a weight loss journey, there are some tips that can help anyone who is traveling down the road to a healthier body. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your weight loss efforts.

One of the first things you want to do is set goals for yourself. In order to stay motivated, set goals that are attainable and easy to reach. While you may have a long term goal, don’t forget to set short term goals so you don’t get discouraged. For example, you may wish to lose 50 pounds overall, but break that down and set goals such as losing 10 pounds in a month. Making sure your goals are small and reachable will keep you on the right path to weight loss.

Next, start a weight loss journal. Keeping track of your goals, your progress, and your shortcomings can be quite helpful on your journey. Start your journal by recording your goals. Also, it will be helpful to add in your weight, measurements, and even a picture. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to show this to anyone, but it will be great once you start seeing progress on your way to weight loss.

Another thing you can use your weight loss journal for is to record your food and exercise. Knowing what you eat will help you make smart decisions. If you write down what you eat, look at the information and then find you are eating too many sweets, this will help you make smart decisions for your future.

It can be helpful, too, to find a weight loss buddy. Having someone that is taking the journey with you can be quite helpful. You will have someone that can help you stay accountable, someone to support you, and someone to talk to and receive information from. This can be a spouse, a friend, or anyone you know that wants to get their body into a healthy place.

Beginning a weight loss journey is a smart decision for many reasons. You will not only look better, but you will feel better, too. Your body will thank you by being healthier and you never know, you may inspire someone to create a healthier body for themselves, too.

Some Of My Fave Fitness Tips

September 3, 2015

Are you trying to get into working out? Are you attempting to get healthier? If so, you are making a good decision. A lot of people simply do not take the necessary steps to care for their health the way that they should. In this article, we will be going over some of the best fitness tips that you can use in order to stay as healthy as you possibly can.

1. Work Out When You Feel Energized.

Some people simply are not morning people. Some people love the mornings and they feel extremely energized as early as possible. Depending on your personality and your body, you are going to want to adjust your workout schedule to meet it’s expectations. You do not want to work out in the morning if you have zero energy before noon. Likewise, you are not going to want to work out late at night if you get tired very early. You should adjust your working out schedule to meet the demands of your body and choose an optimal time that is going to help you get the most out of your workouts.

2. Consume A Good Amount Of Protein.

If your goal is to build muscle, you are going to want to make sure that you are getting a minimum of 1 gram of protein for each pound of your own body weight. This is the minimum amount of protein that you want to get into your body. This is something that you are going to want to do regardless of whether or not you are trying to gain a ton of muscle. When you workout, your body needs protein to provide energy, repair your tissue, and more. Therefore, it is essential that you get a good amount of protein in your diet whether its from supplements or real food.

3. Cardio Wins.

If your mission is to lose weight, cardio is an excellent type of exercise to get into your routine. This is a good warm up exercise as well. Therefore, you should think about including cardio in the beginning of your exercises to give all of your muscles a chance to get going before really exerting yourself. You can do some light jogging or speed walking before you really begin your fitness routine if you want to give yourself a chance to warm up properly. This is going to prepare your body for a good workout.

Parkour Is a Good Technique for Ensuring Fitness

September 1, 2015

Parkour is essentially the art of getting from one place to another with the fastest and most efficient method possible, while only using the strength of the body. The technique is based on efficiency and getting over any stumbling blocks that you are confronted with. Parkour concerns the art of movement.

People who are into Parkour training consistently complete challenging tasks and overcome obstacles, and this also helps them in training their bodies so that they remain physically fit. Martial arts are the art of fighting, but Parkour is considered the art of flight. When any person is confronted with a situation that needs to be avoided, he or she can use Parkour to escape efficiently and bypass any real danger. And you can learn some easy moves on your own.

Parkour is rarely considered competitive, but has a number of techniques that people training in this activity constantly strive to perfect. Fundamental Parkour movements are:

• The Roll
• Vaults
• Precision Jumps
• Cat Leap
• Free Running

In Parkour rolls are made by rolling across your back and not allowing the spine to touch the ground. The rolling movement is made from the shoulder to the opposing hip and this not only saves the spine, but also allows momentum to be resumed.

Vaults allow you to move over obstructions by leaving the floor to do so. There are a number of ways of performing vaults, but the one that is most useful is the Kong vault. In this vault, you dive forward towards an obstacle with outstretched hands, and allow the momentum off the dive to carry the body forward to get across the obstacle. If the hands are correctly placed, you complete the vault and are already in a running position, or ready to face the next obstacle.

Precision jumps require body control and complete focus on the gap to be covered, and needs you to get over the gap and land in a specific position. In these situations you may have no space to take a running start.

A cat leap is essential for getting over tall obstacles that are suitable for vaults. You need to run towards the obstacle and grab its top part, while taking care that your body does not slam against the object. You then have to climb over the obstacle or drop back.

Practitioners of Parkour also need to be able to run freely to impart impetus to all Parkour movements. There also a number of techniques used for this and many of them give a lot of visual appeal to Parkour.