How To Find The Best Fitness Apps

September 16, 2015

Whatever type of program you may choose in order to lose weight, build muscles or improve your fitness level, you need to track your progress. If you only do it in the blind, you may lose your motivation at some point and give it up completely. By measuring your results, you can see whether you’ve achieved your goals or how far away you are from them.

Thanks to the modern technology, we can now measure and track almost everything with our smartphones, mobile devices or computers. All we need is the most appropriate app to help us record all small and consistent actions progress is made of. In order to obtain the best results, we have to carefully choose our apps, as not all of them have the same functions and capabilities.

When searching for the best fitness apps, you need to start your research by putting together a list of must-have features. You may want to be able to measure your weight or to count the number of steps or the calories you burn on a daily basis. You may want to be able to set goals inside the app, so that you can get alerted when you reach them. You may need to have a history of various parameters, so that you can produce charts and reports for various periods of time. By analyzing these graphs, you can see how fast your progress is. You can identify areas that could use some improvement and areas where you are in line with your personal objectives. This is going to ease your task of maintaining or improving your level of fitness. Additionally, you may want to be able to set alerts and notifications to remind you of various things. Many apps allow such scheduling of your daily workout routines, so that you avoid forgetting you need to run the the park by 6pm or to have your dinner at 7pm.

Ideally, you should find a free app to allow you measure and track everything you need. However, it’s worth taking a look into paid apps as well, because they usually have some nice features that can ease your tracking even more. Most apps are fairly inexpensive, whether you have an iPhone or an Android-operated smartphone or mobile device. Developers use to produce their apps to work with both operating systems, so that more people can have access to downloading, installing and using them.

Best iOS Apps for Long Flights

August 31, 2015

I travel on planes a lot, often on longer flights, which can mean boredom. When an internet connection is not available, then to the rescue comes offline specific apps, or apps with an offline function. With every app nowadays pretty much requiring the internet to run, it’s nice to know that there are a few apps that are not that dependant on that infrastructure.


The original is still one of the best, and with the ability to download and play thousands of your favorite podcasts offline, this is a great free app that will keep you entertained and not suck the battery. Video is also supported, and with a nifty search feature to find your interests by category, it’s easy to load up a couple of hours of entertainment in less than a few minutes. This version supports both Airplay and Apple TV, for those that are interested.

The Huffington Post

This is still one of the best free news apps on the iTunes store, mainly because of it’s universal appeal. On first launch users have the ability to set their news preference by country, and then decide on their favorite categories to prioritize news from. The innovative interface actually comes out better looking than the original HuffPo site, while faithfully mimicking features such as favorites, save for offline viewing, and comments. Huffington post is a very diverse news site with several categories to fit just about any niche. With the low footprint of the app, it can run for hours without doing major damage to the battery.


As there is a plethora of Sudoku apps in the store, this version by Mighty Mighty Good Games, stands out as a multi-award winner. The free version of this app has multiple puzzles across four different skill levels. Features include multiple color schemes, the ability to challenge a friend, and even hints. All the puzzles in this app are solvable without guessing, which will be a huge relief for beginner Sudoku players. Whether you’re a veteran of the game or a beginner, this will without a doubt keep you entertained during your flight.

Walking Dead: The Game

Here’s a unique player on the list, the still popular AMC series gets another game on iOS devices, but technically it plays more like a ‘make your own adventure’ rather than a game. The actual app and the first episode are free. Additional episodes, with up to five in total, can be purchased at launch or whenever you finish the original story. Just like the series, each ‘episode’ ends on a cliffhanger, and this is a very easy game to play, and was made for casual players. This is a very addictive app, as every decision you click shapes the story on the screen. You become the main character, so much to the point that by the time the flight ends you don’t realize you’ve been in the air for hours.


It’s impossible to make a time passing list without including Kindle, and it’s library of millions of books and almost a million exclusive titles. This free app has remained on the top of the charts for years, and also includes audiobooks in its long list of titles. For the cautious buyer, there is the option of reading any book before purchase. Much like the podcast app, a couple of minutes before leaving an internet connection could load up the app with hours of entertainment. This is a must have for any device online, or offline.