Taking a Closer Look at What Bike Commutes Have to Offer

August 21, 2017

Bikes are becoming a far more common sight these days. Quite a few towns even have reasonably priced bike rentals for people who’d like to give it a try. People who haven’t climbed onto a bike in a while might wonder just what the sudden interest is all about. The real answer is that there’s so many benefits that almost everyone will find something to like. In fact, there’s so much to like about biking that many people are using it for their daily commute.

Of course the most readily apparent benefit to cycling is the exercise. When examined as a single time event biking might not seem like a life changing hobby. The average calories burned on a road bike will come out to around 50 per mile. Assuming a three mile ride to and from a destination that would be 300 calories total per day. As a one time event it’s a nice amount of calories. But the real benefit comes from making it a regular part of one’s lifestyle. That fairly short commute on a bike will turn into a major amount of exercise when viewed long term. In general when going by those averages, and when the commute happens five times per week, most people will be able to lose around thirty pounds of fat in the course of a year. Or if they’re not trying to lose weight than those burned calories mean an allowance for extra treats or larger serving sizes.

It’s important to remember that exercise isn’t just about calories. It’s also serving to build a considerable amount of muscle over an extended period of time. This, in turn, will help people feel happier and healthier. Along with that there’s also the advantages gained from a faster metabolism thanks to the fact that muscle puts the body into a more performance oriented state. This relaxed alertness is only the beginning of the mental advantages though.

Biking will usually allow someone to use the same routes which they’d use when driving. It also opens up a wide variety of new areas to explore. Many people are thrilled to discover that local parks have bike paths that can take them part of the way to their destination. There’s few better ways to start the day than to get some exercise on a bike while also enjoying the relaxing scenery of a nice park. Additionally, these new areas give people a chance to get away from the noise of the average road. Instead of loud engines and beeping horns one can enjoy the sound of nature.

And, in turn, bikers get to know that they’re taking part in protecting those natural environments. Much like burning calories, a single bike ride won’t have a huge impact on the environment. But over weeks and months, biking instead of driving will save an enormous amount of fuel. It will also decrease the pollution caused by driving. Some bikers even set up small solar panels on the back of their bikes or on backpacks which can recharge portable USB batteries. This too will build up into a pretty significant amount of power over the course of months and years. It’s a hobby that continues to give more and more benefits the longer one takes part in it.

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